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Joseph Morgan talks about filming The Originals

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // April 1, 2013

The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Julie Plec

Joseph Morgan talks about filming The Originals


It’s just a little over 3 weeks before The Vampire Diaries backdoor pilot of The Originals airs on Thursday, April 25th. Last week we saw The Originals pilot promotional photos published in Entertainment Weekly, and read how The Originals will affect The Vampire Diaries. Additional information we’ve learned about the synopsis of The Originals pilot is that after Elijah and Klaus come back to New Orleans, Marcel (Klaus’ former protégé played by Charles Michael Davis) has transformed the town into a vampire-friendly oasis where vampires can freely walk the streets side-by-side with any humans who may feel brave!


According to our hunky sexy Joseph Morgan, who plays our hunky sexy Klaus Mikaelson, when Klaus and Elijah return to New Orleans they discover that Marcel has arranged for people, as in probably the authorities, to look the other way during the times he has “crazy hedonistic parties” where they do whatever they feel like doing. I’m assuming this means they invite humans to their parties and literally have a feast day, and then compel them to forget so they can be invited back for more parties. If I were a vampire that’s what I’d do, especially if I found a particularly tasty human!


Joseph Morgan reveals that the party soirees were filmed at the Hotel Royal in New Orleans, which served as Marcel’s home. Inside there were balconies on three floors and they looked down onto a courtyard. Joseph continues to says that when Klaus walks into the party, everybody’s feeding and doing crazy things:


Joseph Morgan on filming the party

So we were doing it take after take, playing this really loud music, and there were a few guests still staying there, and two things happened: First of all, we were playing the music so loud, at one point, in the middle of a take, someone opened the door and went, “SHUT UP! I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!” and then slammed the door. It was everything we could do for everyone to just not burst out laughing because it was so ridiculous in the middle of this vampire party.


Since the filming occurred during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, they had to stop filming when an inebriated couple suddenly stumbled onto the vampire party scene they were filming, trying to return to their room in the hotel. According to Joseph, it’s just some of the pros and cons they deal with when they’re fortunate enough to have amazing atmospheres like in New Orleans.


Joseph Morgan wasn’t the only member of The Originals cast to have interesting moments during filming. Daniel Gillies mentions that a favorite moment of his during shooting at the Hotel was when he was on a balcony doing an EPK (“Electronic Press Kit”). A gentleman on the balcony next to him was trying to have a “romantic weekend” with his girlfriend, so the EPK was interfering with his plans. Daniel Gillies said the guy started “laying into” him about the disruption.


Daniel Gillies on his EPK moment

I just remember thinking that this would normally be a sort of horrifying moment on a shoot, but because I was having so much fun, even that — this awful moment — seemed to have its own magic, its own kind of strange charm to it.


The CW will announce its fall schedule in May, at which point it will be decided where to film The Originals. It was previously speculated that outdoor scenes would be filmed in New Orleans, for the authentic atmosphere, while inside shots would be filmed at the studio where The Vampire Diaries is filmed, which could make cross-overs easier to plan and film.


Julie Plec, Executive Producer for The Vampire Diaries as well as The Originals once it goes to series, says New Orleans has no substitute. According to their director, Chris Grismer, with all the history that New Orleans has, if there’s paint on a wall there’s 10 others coats underneath it. In New Orleans buildings are built on the other buildings before it.


Julie Plec on New Orleans’ history and charm

Even in the cemeteries, all of the bodies are buried with each other, so an entire bloodline of ancestors are all co-mingling in the dust below these gravestones. And they were so accommodating and so glad to see us there.


Julie Plec said they were able to shoot at St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest in the United States, as well as Lafayette Cemetery, which is hundreds of years old. In addition, they were able to shoot scenes using buildings that have been around since the last great New Orleans fire, which I believe was December 8, 1794, when 212 buildings caught fire and burned. Also, Julie was so impressed with a tour guide she had during her December research / location scouting trip, that they cast him in the pilot because of his extensive knowledge of New Orleans, and specifically the history about the French Quarter.


Pictures of Lafayette Cemetery and St. Louis Cathedral

The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Julie Plec

The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Julie Plec




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