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Song List From The Vampire Diaries Episode Bring it On!

Written by vaughan grey   // March 16, 2013

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The nice thing about being  CW show, like The Vampire Diaries,  is that you are bound to feature almost as much music in one episode as a DJ would feature in his set list on an average Friday night. At least with a show like The Vampire Diaries, there’s no cover charge. The downside? Usually, we have no idea what these songs are unless someone in the know tells us specifically what they are.


Thankfully, we have people like Chris Mollere on Twitter who do just that.  Yes, he seems to know every music cue on The Vampire Diaries and probably more shows than that. I already knew about Garbage’s “Control” and Icona Pop’s “I Love It.” But the rest….not so much. I actually like the songs here a lot better than the kind of songs they used to play on shows like these so they are all winners to me. All of these songs are available on iTunes and and probably about a thousand other digital retail outlets I am not yet aware of.


And, yes, I would like to list the songs from every future episode of The Vampire Diaries from now on.


Song: “5 to 9”
Artist: FIDLAR
Drops: When emo-less Elena spots a flier for Jeremy’s memorial on a bulletin board.
Song: “Temporary”
Artist: White Rabbits
Drops: Elena arrives to cheer.


Song: “Lions of Least”
Artist: Pontiak
Drops: Caroline chides Elena after learning that she feasted on an out-of-town cheerleader.


Song: “I Love It”
Artist: Icona Pop
Drops: Elena lets everyone over for the party.


Song: “Miracle Mile”
Artist: Cold War Kids
Drops: Elena dances and Caroline and Stefan talk about it.


Song: “Professional Griefers”
Artist: Deadmau5
Drops: Elena attacks Sheriff Forbes.


Song: Dance With Me
Artist: Ra Ra Riot
Drops: Damon informs Rebekah he likes her better without the cure.


Song: “Control”
Artist: Garbage
Drops: Klaus and Hayley’s sex scene.


Song: “Anymore of This”
Artist: Mindy Smith and Matthew Perryman Jones
Drops: Caroline reads Tyler’s letter.


Song: “White on White”
Artist: FIDLAR
Drops: At the end of the episode where Damon tells Elena they’re going to NYC.


Speaking of music, The Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev, recently told Entertainment Weekly that she likes to sing to “Memory” from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway musical, Cats.


“You really have to have a high register to be able to sing the melody, and it’s so powerful,” she told Entertainment Weekly.




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