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SPOILER: Julie Plec Teases The Originals Futures

Written by Kayla Falls   // February 5, 2014

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SPOILER: Julie Plec Teases The Originals Futures


The Originals” have had some crappy luck lately. People dying, hybrids getting stabbed, vampires getting bit by wolves, and so on…makes you wonder what is next? How can this show get any better than it is right now? Executive Producer Julie Plec teased in a recent interview about where the show is heading.


Is Sophie Deveraux really dead? Julie thinks that yes, she truly is. Although “The Vampire Diaries” is popular about bringing some dead characters back, that’s not the case with Sophie. Sophie let down the witches and she paid the ultimate price.


The next few episodes of “The Originals” are going to be pretty crazy. Things are going to happen that the writers haven’t had a chance to do yet. Rebekah and Klaus are trapped outside of the Quarter and they’re in a “creepy, horrible, messed up sanitarium” from the past. Genevive will be getting her revenge from Klaus and Rebekah. She especially wants to torture Rebekah.


Julie says that fans will get to see why Genevive is so upset with Rebekah and why she will be suffering as much as possible. Sounds like whatever Marcel and Rebekah did in the past is coming back to torture Rebekah.


Poor Elijah, always noble and trying to do the right thing. Of course it was right to save Hayley and the baby, but did he really have to go back and save Hayley’s were-prince? Elijah will be feeling a lot of guilt in the upcoming episode. He’s ashamed of letting his family down and choosing the girl over his siblings. He will be trying extra hard to save his siblings and get his family back together.


The witches have a mission and it’s personal! We will see more of these witches and their wrath. 


Julie teases about the witches

They get as close to succeeding in tearing apart this family as possibly we’ve ever seen, and the outcome of what it is the witches do to our Original family will have eternal repercussions for their dynamic.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m anxious to see how Elijah handles the Jackson situation. How is he going to feel to find out that the man he saved was supposed to be Hayley’s husband. She knew that and asked him to save him over his family. I think Elijah will be very cautious about Jackson. That being said, Julie says that we will see more of the Crescent Wolves and I can’t wait!


The second half of the season will be intense. There will be consequences of having the Harvest at all. The witches will address and seek revenge on this too. We’ll get to see the rebuilding of the City and the Original family after the fallout from the witches drama calms down a bit. Oh, and BABY Mikaelson!


It wouldn’t be a complete interview if there wasn’t a question about Klaroline. I know Klaus and Caroline fans are hoping for a reuniting soon but Julie doesn’t see it happening anytime soon. She claims the couple is keeping to their words…Klaus isn’t going back to Mystic Falls and Caroline has other plans as of now. They both have other stuff to take care of first.


Julie gives a glimmer of hope for Klaroline

so the plans to cross paths with them don’t seem very realistic,that doesn’t mean that in life there aren’t opportunities.


Another 1919 flashback will be coming up! There’s a huge story to be told there and we can expect it to be shown. We’ll even get to see the Original’s father, Mikael!


Don’t miss the return of “The Originals” on January  25, 2014 at 8:00/7:00 central on the CW!



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