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Spoiler: The Travelers are coming to The Vampire Diaries!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 28, 2013

Paul Wesley, Stefan Salvatore, Silas, The Vampire Diaries

Spoiler: The Travelers are coming to The Vampire Diaries!


What, or who, are “The Travelers” you ask! Well, according to Caroline Dries, executive producer of The Vampire Diaries, they are ancient witches and they might be looking for Silas!


From the picture above, and from what Caroline Dries revealed about The Travelers, a new supernatural group of characters coming to Mystic Falls and The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley is going to have a ball this season being Silas and Stefan, once Stefan is rescued from his watery grave! Please notice the dead body lying behind Silas/Stefan. Who might be next?


Caroline revealed that now that Silas is back among the living as Stefan, he’s not a witch anymore, but he is still immortal and still has psychic powers to get inside people’s minds to control them.


When Caroline Dries was interviewed at Comic-Con over the July 22nd, 2013, weekend, she said the theme of season 5 will be “Fresh Start”! A fresh start for everybody. They’re starting with a 3-month time jump, so there’s been a whole summer where nobody has tried to kill anybody, but it sounds like that will change.


Elena wants to go to college and just be a normal vampire, but that won’t go well! Katherine will have a fresh start as a human, although it was not of her choosing. How is she going to cope with this now that she’s “no longer a badass”  but is weak and vulnerable. Caroline says it’s hilarious the way Nina plays the human Katherine, so that should be fun for all of us fangsters to watch!


Jeremy will have a fresh start too, and will address the fact that he’s now back from the dead in the first episode. Caroline says the situation will “weigh on his psyche a bit.” I would imagine so, since they all had a memorial for him, but he’s now alive. Meanwhile, his love, Bonnie, is dead and only he can see her and he promised that he wouldn’t tell anybody that she sacrificed her life for theirs. Caroline says Jeremy will have a lot going on inside of him this season.


Then Caroline revealed that they’re going to introduce a new facet of witches called “The Travelers” and before Silas became immortal he was a witch and was part of “The Travelers.” During season 5 we’ll be learning about that whole sub-culture of witches. Are they back for Silas? If so, what are they planning? Will they embrace him and bring him back into their world? Or will they kill him? Is Nadia one of “The Travelers”?


Caroline Dries talks Silas and The Travelers on The Vampire Diaries


Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday, October 10th, 2013, on The CW at 8/7c!



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