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Spoiler: What Really Happened to Katherine Pierce?

Written by Kayla Falls   // March 7, 2014

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Spoiler:What Really Happened to Katherine Pierce?


Thursday’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries“, “Gone Girl” left us sobbing or maybe in some cases, cheering over the death of Katherine Pierce. I don’t know about you guys but things with Katherine and Nadia seem pretty final, but then again it is Katherine Pierce.


Executive Producer, Caroline Dries recently had an interview and gave all the details on Katherine’s death and if she would be returning to Mystic Falls any time soon. To me, it looked like our girl, Kath had been dragged to Hell and according to Dries that’s pretty close to what they were going for.


Caroline explained that the writers didn’t really want to get into the whole religion of “Heaven or Hell” but Katherine did get dragged to a very dark place. Poor Katherine, but it did make for an awesome and unpredictable twist in the show that it desperately needed!


Is Katherine coming back from the land of the dark? Not likely, things seem pretty settled there. Nadia and her made peace and Katherine got her revenge on Elena and she got to say her goodbye to everyone…except Elijah.


Caroline Dries talks about the finality of Katherine

This show is known for bringing people back to the dead, so death didn’t ever feel final; they could hop over from the other side if we feel desperate. So we wanted to say, ‘No, she’s gone.’


We’ll miss Katherine and all her shenanigans but I have a feeling the scooby gang will still get themselves into all kinds of trouble without Katherine instigating it. Since Elena and Damon are both in some serious trouble right now it’s going to be fun to see how everyone handles it and how the heck they get out of this one.


Caroline teased that the Mystic Falls gang is going to have to “make a deal with the devil” to save Damon and Elena this time.  I wonder who that devil will be? The Travelers? Wes? Maybe a new big bad will appear with something up his/her sleeve? What do you guys think?


Don’t forget the new episode of “The Vampire Diaries” on March 20, 2014 at 8:00/7:00 central on the CW!



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