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Spoiler: Will Katherine and Elena become one?

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // December 13, 2013

Nina Dobrev, Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce, The Vampire Diaries

Spoiler: Will Katherine “Travel” into Elena to become Kelena?


Katherine was down for the count when The Vampire Diaries mid-season finale “Fifty Shades of Grayson” ended. Will they really kill her off? Do they dare get rid of the spark that has put life back into this show? Many Twitter fans tweeted that if Katherine goes so do they!


Some same the mid-season finale was so good because it had so much Katherine in it. Wasn’t the scene where she bundled up in the bed spread and fled the bedroom only to run into the door frame great! Both Julie Plec and Caroline Dries has said that Nina Dobrev was having a lot of fun playing Katherine, and it shows! Katherine has also been more fun to watch this season than Elena. In a recent poll that we’ve done, Katherine has won hands-down when it comes to who the voters want to keep on The Vampire Diaries. Currently the vote is 73% to 21% to keep Katherine.


This season we’ve endured the final death throes of Silas and the whole doppelganger mythos, but through it all there’s been the snarky, sassy, Katherine, trying to selfishly save herself from harm as she endured the treachery of her now human condition. When the series first started, it was “always Stefan” for Elena, leaving Damon out in the cold. When Katherine returned, for her it was also “always Stefan” because she never really loved Damon. He just happened to be there to serve her selfish purposes.


“Fifty Shades of Grayson” showed how much she still loved Stefan. That night of bliss, only to wake up to her hair falling out. Then the realization that he’ll never look at her the way he looks at Elena. Even Damon doesn’t love her anymore. In the promo for “500 Years of Solitude” he’s throwing back shots with the rest of them, rejoicing at her passing.


Only Nadia seems to be mourning her mother’s impending passing. Is there still hope? Nadia and the writers may have the solution in the Travelers. Just like Gregory’s spirit being put in Matt, Katherine’s spirit can be put in somebody else and she’ll live on as long as her host, at which point she could find another host. But, as Katherine has told Nadia, Stefan loves her body. Her Elena doppelganger body.


So what clues and other spoilers might indicate that when January comes around, and The Vampire Diaries returns, Katherine and Elena may become one? A split personality, like Matt and Gregory.


  • Right now, Elena is feeling low and probably still weak from the Augustine experience. It would probably be easy for a Traveler to hitch a ride.
  • Matt has that shiny blue gemmed Traveler’s knife which is apparently used for spirit position as well as killing the Traveler inside.
  • Katherine still loves Stefan but wants to look the way she does now, which means she’d have to become Elena. When Katherine would surface she could continue her love affair with him, and …
  • Damon has given up the girl, which leaves Elena heartbroken and ready to go back into the arms of Stefan.
  • Katherine’s body is too weak and aging too fast to possibly be rescued any other way than traveling into somebody else.
  • Perhaps Elena will feel empathy for her doppelganger and give her shelter, at least until she finds another body she likes.


Julie Plec was rather cryptic at the beginning of the season when she hinted that perhaps it was the Katherine and Stefan doppelgangers who were fated to be together and not Elena and Stefan. In which case, who would be for Elena?


Julie Plec spoiler

You have to ask yourself: Was it Katherine and Stefan that perhaps were fated and there’s another doppelganger yet to come? You never know. The key thing is that’s what the universe supposedly says. Is the universe real? Is the universe right? Or is it just one big prophecy and it got bastardized over the years? That’s going to be part of the fun of seeing how their relationships all move forward.


The spoilers from TV Guide and TV Line are more suspicious when thinking about the possibility of Katherine and Elena becoming one.


Spoiler from Natalie Abrams, TV Guide

Two of these things are true and one is a lie. In the next batch of episodes… 1) There will be a major breakup; 2) A fan-favorite character will say goodbye for good and 3) Someone will pull a body switcheroo. Hit the comments with which number you think is the lie!


We’ve seen the major breakup. A fan-favorite saying goodbye for good? Sounds like Katherine. And then there’s that third one about the body switcheroo. The other spoiler hinting at these two doppelgangers becoming one is from Michael Ausiello from TV Line.


Spoiler: Michael Ausiello on Katherine and Elena, TV Line

The Katherine-Elena dynamic is about to get a lot more complicated (if that’s even possible).


Matt Mitovich of TV Line also weighs in with the spoiler that the word of what’s happening will travel to Klaus in New Orleans, prompting him and one of the other characters, to return to Mystic Falls.


The body switcheroo and the Katherine-Elena dynamic getting more complicated fits right in with the theory that the two shall become one, and her solitude will be no more. Based on all the information so far, are there any other theories as to what will happen when The Vampire Diaries returns in January?


Extended promo for The Vampire Diaries “500 Years of Solitude”


The Vampire Diaries 100th episode, “500 Years of Solitude” will air on January 23rd, 2014, on The CW!



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