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Stooges and Yes Ma’am jazzed it up for the “Girl in New Orleans”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // November 9, 2013

Yes Ma'am Street Band, The Originals

The Stooges Brass Band, that is, and Yes Ma’am spiced up “Girl in New Orleans”


One of the great things about New Orleans is the music. Joseph Morgan has commented about how great it was to be able to walk around the city and listen to all the great jazz and street bands. Even though The Originals films in Conyers, Georgia, that didn’t stop the show from adding some New Orleans music for the Dauphine Street music festival in the “Girl in New Orleans” episode!


In addition to Joseph and the other cast members, Julie Plec, creator and executive producer of The Originals, has said that shooting the pilot there was a high light of her entire career.


While it may be easy to weave previously filmed street scenes of New Orleans into the scenes being filmed in Georgia, they decided to add some extra authenticity to the music festival scenes by importing two genuine bands from The Big Easy! The two bands were the Stooges Brass Band, pictured below, and the seasoned street band Yes Ma’am, pictured above!


Stooges Brass Band

Stooges Brass Band from New Orleans


According to Julie, they try to add as much of the little details and elements of the city as possible into their scenes. She’s also hoping that they can return to the city for additional scenes once the series has been picked up for a full season and hopefully a second season.


When the time came for the music festival scenes, she also remembered Yes Ma’am that she discovered in The French Quarter.


Julie and Yes Ma’am

I was walking with our camera operator and there was this band on the corner with their guitar cases open playing for money, and they were these three cool kids jamming and they were so, so good. We asked them their name (and) hunted them down through Facebook and reached out to them and brought some of them to play themselves, basically, in that episode.

Even though we can’t be there, we’re still trying to find ways to honor the city.


Below are some music videos of these two bands. Enjoy the beat and the toe-tapping!


Stooges Brass Band perform “Wind It Up”


The Originals scene with Yes Ma’am performing “Stirrin’ da Mudd”


Yes Ma’am performing “Stirrin’ da Mudd” in New Orleans


The next episode of The Originals is “Bloodletting” on November 12th on The CW!



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