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The Originals Daniel Gillies EW Interview!

Written by vaughan grey   // April 1, 2013

daniel gillies, the originals

The Originals Daniel Gillies EW Interview!


With the surprisingly high quality (and yet divisive) premiere of The Vampire Diaries 4×20: The Originals, which is also the back door pilot for The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, out of the way, we still have a lot more star interviews to share with all of you The Vampire Diaries – and, now, The Originals – fans. Elijah himself, Daniel Gillies, recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly. The whole interview can be found here, but please enjoy this rather lengthy excerpt. Daniel Gillies surprisingly has much to say about his budding filmmaking career, the state of filmmaking today, and of course, The Originals and the future of the series should it get picked up for a series order by the CW (we seriously hope and think it will happen).


Read the Entertainment Weekly Interview with The Originals and The Vampire Diaries Star Daniel Gillies!

Switching gears, let’s talk Vampire Diaries: I think fans are excited to see Elijah wanting to explore a romance but not sure Katherine (Nina Dobrev) deserves him.
That’s what people have been saying, and frankly, amid the storm of it all, I’m just confused. [Laughs] I don’t have feelings one way or the other. Me, I just play the role. It’s fascinating to me to watch the frenzy…. It’s exciting watching that relationship transpire — and heartbreaking, whether it works or not. There’s something about it that already feels like this ancient, fractured romance.

We’ve talked a lot about this hour before (read about the new characters we’ll meet, about filming on-location in New Orleans, about the larger story if the series happens). But now that we’ve seen footage in the promo, what can you say about its tone?
It’s a lot more adult feeling than The Vampire Diaries. It’s a lot more dangerous. It has a frequency of this impending war that’s approaching in the sense that politically, we’re about to make all these moves to reclaim this kingdom that was lost.

There’s a moment at the end of the promo when it looks like Marcel (Charles Michael Davis, playing Klaus’ former protegé who rules the French Quarter) might have an ability we haven’t seen before. Are we going to see new vampire skills?
You could well. I want to share, but I can’t share…

How does Elijah react to Silas having tricked him out of the cure?
It’s never pleasant to watch someone get the upper hand, but it’s only going to feed into Elijah’s desire to reinstate himself within his family and achieve his desire to get them the hell out of Mystic Falls.

And speaking of family, last question: In last week’s episode, you patted Joseph Morgan’s face after Elijah told Klaus that he leads a hollow, little life. Was that scripted?
No. I did it in the moment. We shot that from several angles, and for some reason, he was just so close to me in that take, and I felt so sad for him threatening me, and he seemed particularly lost and lonely in that one — I was just overwhelmed, and I touched his face. I remember even Joe commented right after the take. He said, “I loved how you did that.” I was so delighted to see that in the cut.


Here is the Trailer for Daniel’s Film, Broken Kingdom!


Here is Another Interview with Daniel discussing Broken Kingdom



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