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The Originals Joseph Morgan dating Persia White

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // May 26, 2013

Joseph Morgan, Persia White, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Revelation

The Originals Joseph Morgan dating Persia White


Looks like it’s official that The Originals Joseph Morgan, our beloved hybrid Klaus Mikaelson, and his The Vampire Diaries co-star Persia White, who plays Bonnie’s mother Abby Bennett, are a couple!  Joseph previously dated Emily VanCamp, who stars on “Revenge.” Joseph and Persia have been together for awhile, and they collaborated on Joseph’s directorial debut short “Revelation” which has been making the rounds of film festivals. Guess it makes sense that it was a little bit more than a simple collaboration!



Persia White and her daughter, Mecca.Persia, 42 and the mother of an 18-year old daughter named Mecca, is ten years Joseph’s senior. He just turned 32 on May 16th. Persia, who is an accomplished musician and singer, has been previously married. Her debut album, named “Mecca” after her daughter, was released in 2009.


Joseph and Persia met on the set of The Vampire Diaries, and have worked together on Joseph’s 1o-minute film “Revelation.”  Persia assisted with the writing and editing of the short, starred in the short, and wrote and performed the soundtrack.


Synopsis of “Revelation”

A woman trapped in a post-apocalyptic situation questions her reality. As she secures her house against an unknown terror outside, she reflects upon the darkness that took her husband and changed the world as she knew it. But she is not alone. After barely surviving a brutal encounter that pushes her to her limits, both physically and emotionally, she is forced to leave the safety of her home, and is propelled towards a staggering conclusion that will change her forever.


Joseph says their ultimate goal is to stream “Revelation” online for free. The issue about making it available online right now is that it would immediately disqualify it for film festivals. As Joseph says, “I’m trying to do everything in the right order.”


Persia White, who is a vegan and a member of the Church of Scientology, is on the board of the Humane Society of the United States, and is also an environmentalist like Ian Somerhalder. In 2005 “PETA” honored her as  “Humanitarian of the Year.” Joseph Morgan also isn’t a stranger to activism. He’s a very strong and vocal supporter of “Positive Women” who works to support and change the lives and circumstances of women and their families to help rid the world of poverty and accomplish social change.


Joseph Morgan on “Positive Women”

Our work focuses on supporting women to change their own lives and circumstances. We support them and their families in projects that will help allievate poverty and make significant social change.


Joseph and Persia have been seen together quite a few times, including the August 2012 red carpet at the 52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival, in Atlanta where they both appeared on the CBS affiliate to discuss “Revelation,” shopping together in West Hollywood, and The CW 2013 Upfronts in New York where they were seen holding hands.


We know Persia plays Bonnie’s mom, Abby, but now that Bonnie is on the other side, will it be too painful for her to remain in Mystic Falls? Perhaps we’ll see Abby in the French Quarter of New Orleans!


Joseph Morgan’s and Persia White’s “Revelation” trailer




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