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The Originals Will Klaus Ever Return to Mystic Falls?

Written by vaughan grey   // April 22, 2013

joseph morgan the originalsThe Originals Will Klaus Ever Return to Mystic Falls?


We have only have less than four days until the long-awaited premiere of the back door pilot for The Originals, which is also The Vampire Diaries 4×20. As far as we can tell, all signs point to a series order come May when the CW will unveil its fall schedule. As we saw at the end of The Vampire Diaries 4×19, “Pictures of You,” Joseph Morgan‘s character, Klaus, has been summoned to New Orleans to confront a witch named Jane-Anne who has been up to some dirty plans involving him.


Some would wonder if Klaus is just going to stay in New Orleans for the duration of this potentially amazing new spin-off or if he will occasionally make an appearance in Mystic Falls on The Vampire Diaries? The answer may surprise you….or it may not, depending on your disposition.


Apparently, Klaus fans looking for closure between him and Caroline really did not find it on Thursday when Candice Accola‘s Caroline went looking for his help. It was anti-climatic at best. Klaus is going to New Orleans in The Originals to try to become King….of whatever it is he feels he needs to be King of.  It seems the writers of The Originals will leave plenty of room for Klaus to return to Mystic Falls to talk to Caroline, or Bonnie, or Damon, or whomever else he is chasing at that particular time. That is kind of what they did with Angel. I believe after Angel left for Los Angeles, he only returned to Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a few episodes to chase a demon and toward the end of the series to say good bye to Buffy. Expect Klaus to do the same (why would the CW suddenly decide to change their ways?). He may be gone, but not for good. So, there might be hope for Klaroline fans yet.


Let’s The Originals Extended Promo Again!


Speaking of “Pictures of You,” it seems that the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries had their own prom after wrapping the season (I thought it was still shooting, so maybe it was the episode itself they wrapped). Apparently, show runner Julie Plec had never had a prom when she was younger. *Gasp!* Yes, the show runner was not popular in high school and now she’s running one of the most popular high school shows on the air today. See, this is why high school social standing means nothing. All you have to do, kids, is grow up to be a show runner on the CW and whatever emotional scars you have will be reversed by the numerous pretty young actors you have hired and helped lead to fame and fortune. Yup, that’s all you have to do. Apparently, Julie Plec had been not-so secretly tweeting that she never got to go to the prom. Finally, The Vampire Diaries‘ fourth season wrap party included a prom. Guess who was voted homecoming queen? We’ll let Julie Plec‘s tweet tell you itself.


My first prom and I just got voted Prom Queen! #thefixisin #TVDProm”


Seriously, if your boss was throwing a your cast a prom, wouldn’t you vote for her? She is currently writing the 5th season of the show, after all. I wouldn’t want her pissed at me either.


Let’s Look at the Pic of Prom Queen Julie Plec and Paul Wesley at The Vampire Diaries 4th Season Wrap Party!










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