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The Vampire Diaries 4×21 She’s Come Undone Klaroline Spoiler?

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // April 25, 2013

Candice Accola, Joseph Morgan, Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson, Klaroline, The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries 4×21 She’s Come Undone Klaroline Spoiler


From a previous spoiler about Klaus and Caroline in The Vampire Diaries 4×21 “She’s Come Undone” episode, it looks like Klaus is pretty angry with Caroline. In spite of Klaus’ badass treatment of of others, there’s probably nothing that Caroline could possibly do that would provoke him into actually cutting her vampire life to the crispy quick.


Klaus has definitely changed since arriving on The Vampire Diaries scene, thanks to Caroline. She’s the only one he’s ever shed a tear for, and then grabbed her and saved her life as he let her feed on him while he stroked her hair. He let Tyler go because Tyler helped make Caroline’s prom special, although I’m sure he wished that he had been the one to make it special for her. However, he did give her the dress.


The writers have definitely helped peel off the layers of Klaus, showing his vulnerable, lonely, sensitive side, but part of that credit also goes to Joseph Morgan, who has the talent to take the words and translate them into the required emotions, including rage, needed to create such a multi-layered character as Klaus.


Any relationship has its ups and downs, and then sometimes the two people just look at each other and realize they’re meant for each other. I’m not sure they’re there yet, but this season it looks like they’re getting closer. They say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” so maybe Klaus’ absence when he goes to New Orleans will make Caroline miss him a little bit!


How many times has Klaus saved her life? How many times has he asked for her help? How many times has she looked at him with longing in her eyes? She was practically pleading with him for a hug after she advanced the Silas apocalypse one step closer by killing the witch Asia and her coven. Instead of killing her, he threw her hurtful words back at her and walked away. As Stefan told her, she has Klaus wrapped around her little finger. Talk about power! She could probably make him do a jig if he thought it would finally make her love him unconditionally. And isn’t that what we all want? For somebody to love us forever, unconditionally?


So what’s going to happen in The Vampire Diaries 4×21 “She’s Come Undone” episode? Will Caroline be a little undone, as well as Elena? Klaus has her back pressed against a tree, and it looks like he’s getting awfully close. Will we Klaroline shippers finally get what we want? A great big, passionate smooch between our badass hybid and his would-be princess?


Klaus will be gone this week for The Vampire Diaries 4×20 “The Originals” episode, so will her heart grow fonder? One thing we know for sure is that the synopsis says Klaus and Caroline have “a confusing and dangerous encounter.” What could be more dangerous and confusing than a love fling between a vampire and a hybrid?


The Vampire Diaries 4×21 “She’s Come Undone” Synopsis



Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) try a brutal new approach to provoke Elena (Nina Dobrev) into turning her humanity back on, and Caroline (Candice Accola) is frustrated when her attempt to intervene backfires.  When Elena figures out a way to call the Salvatore brothers’ bluff, they call for backup from a surprising source.  Matt (Zach Roerig) gives Rebekah (Claire Holt) some unsolicited advice on her life choices, and she tries to help him in return.  Caroline has a confusing and dangerous encounter with Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and Katherine (Nina Dobrev) is suspicious when Bonnie (Kat Graham) makes her an offer that she promises will benefit them both.



Caroline is everything to Klaus, and werewolves, like wolves, mate for life. So even if Klaus is a big, bad wolf, and deadly dangerous, fear is always a choice, and I don’t think Caroline will ever have to fear Klaus. He loves her way too much.


So what will happen when Klaus returns from New Orleans? One thing we know for sure is that whether The Originals series is picked up by The CW for next season or not, Klaus will always have a little bit of his heart in Mystic Falls. If it’s picked up, there will be cross-overs. If it’s not picked up, Klaus will still be on The Vampire Diaries.




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