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The Vampire Diaries Fan-Created Music Video, Stay!

Written by vaughan grey   // March 13, 2013

Vampire-DiariesThe Vampire Diaries Fan-Created Music Video, Stay!


In today’s random The Vampire Diaries discovery news, I stumbled upon this fan-created music video by youtube user, EverSmille. It turns footage from some early episodes of The Vampire Diaries into black and white music video gold! Yes, there are cheesy superimposed lines of dialogue over the images…and LOTS of ’em!  The chopped-up footage is then set to “Stay” by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko.


Having watched the whole video, I must say it is quite an accomplishment. I do not usually listen to Rihanna, but this song really gels with the storyline and characters. The visual quality is surprisingly good considering that they probably had to rip a ton of footage to create this video.  It has the effect of making the show look like an art school project of some kind, which is completely good.


It made me wish that The Vampire Diaries would just switch to being a black and white broadcast show from now on. I know it is never going to happen, but I can dream, can’t I….and re-watch this video. I figure if AMC can re-broadcast The Walking Dead in black and white, why couldn’t the CW follow suit? The light flickers work really well with the feel of the video, even if they clash with the song.


I guess there are some quips with the sentimentality of the video’s tone. Did they really have to use the line, “I can’t feel Elena, and it SUCKS?” That was way too “teenage girl” feeling. The flash of color at the end really did not add anything emotional and only felt anti-climatic compared to the rest of the footage.  But, watch it for yourself and decide if it works for you.


Oh, and don’t forget The Vampire Diaries fans, HD is your best friend.





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