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Video of Ian Somerhalder discussing his TVD role

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // March 22, 2013

Ian Somerhalder POPCORN with Peter Travers interviewVideo of Ian Somerhalder discussing his Vampire Diaries role


Ian Somerhalder, who plays the dangerously sexy vampire Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, has been acting and modeling most of his life. He had his first audition when he was 10.


Today on “POPCORN with Peter Travers,” which talks about the pop culture, Ian Somerhalder talks about his various relationships on The Vampire Diaries since 1864, when he and Stefan were turned.


Damon Salvatore was naive when he fell in love with Katherine, so he hunted for her for over 150 years, only to find out that Katherine only loved Stefan and never him. This sent him into a downward spiral. Then he met Elena, the spitting image of Katherine, who also (at the time) only loved Stefan. Oh how tangled things get on The Vampire Diaries!


Ian Somerhalder also talked about how funny his co-star Paul Wesley is! This isn’t the first time people have mentioned how funny he is! Paul, in addition to other cast members, speaks in different accents in between scenes. Sounds like lots of fun. Ian also revealed that he likes to play with Paul’s hair!


Ian Somerhalder loves playing Damon Salvatore

Whether he’s saving a kitten or ripping somebody’s throat out he always has the same smirk on his face.


Damon Salvatore has so much power that he could just look at a chair and make it do whatever he wants. But he also loved playing Boone on LOST and talks about being part of the last episode where Terry O’Quinn played the guitar and everybody sang. Ian said the last scene with everybody was heartbreaking.


Although Ian revealed that he’s never seen the Twilight saga, he didn’t reveal any secrets about what happens between last night’s episode and the season finale on May 16th, so we’ll just have to watch every single one to find out what happens and whether or not they find the cure.


You have to watch the entire video, because Ian Somerhalder sings a little at the end! Such a treat!


Ian Somerhalder’s interview on POPCORN with Peter Travers




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