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Where has Sophie Devereaux been?

Written by Kayla Falls   // December 13, 2013


Where has Sophie Deveraux been?


Our favorite shady new witch, Sophie Devereaux has been a little M.I.A. lately and it has me and fans wondering where has she been? The hybrid, Tyler Lockwood showing up in New Orleans was pretty iffy…could Sophie have led him to the hidden wolf pack in the bayou?


It wouldn’t surprise me any if Sophie did have something to do with the Wolf drama. Every since they un-linked her from Hayley Sophie has been very quiet and if I had to guess she’s plotting something else against Klaus. Seems likely that she and Tyler, Klaus’ sort of protege, would team up.


There’s also some talk about a romance for Sophie. Tyler is newly single so maybe they will have a little spark going on there while they’re plotting Klaus’ demise? Some fans see a spark with her and Elijah but I think Elijah is falling for Hayley pretty fast. ┬áMakes more sense for Sophie to go for Tyler since they’re both against the Mikaelson family as of right now.


Of course, maybe she isn’t linked to Tyler or the Wolves at all? Maybe she’s just hiding out afraid that the war between Marcel and Klaus might draw some unwanted attention to her? Maybe she’s still thinking of ways to get to Davina? She’s running out of witch friends in New Orleans so maybe she’s trying to make amends?


Maybe we’ll finally get to see some more of her if she helps Tyler escape from the Gardens? Sophie is such an interesting character and her story is very intriguing. She definitley needs some more screen time as soon as possible.


Be sure to tune in when The Originals return in the new year on January 14th, 2014, on the CW.



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