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Who is the witch, Davina, on The Originals?

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // June 2, 2013

Danielle Campbell, Davina,The Originals

Who is the witch, Davina, on The Originals?


Perhaps you’ve already heard about Davina, the beautiful and powerful witch who will be on The Originals. If so, you may wonder where she was in The Vampire Diaries 4×20 “The Originals” backdoor pilot that aired on April 25th. Well, fellow fangsters, the mystery has been revealed! Her scenes were strewn on the cutting room floor because her appearance in the episode would have been too much of a cliffhanger, according to Danielle Campbell who will bring the witch to life on the series.


When The Originals begins we’ll discover that Davina will become entwined in the web being weaved by the French Quarter witches and Klaus against Marcel and his vamp army. Will such a beautiful and powerful witch also cast a spell on Klaus’ heart? Cami has been hinted to be a possible love interest of both Klaus and Marcel, but what about Davina? I’m sure both power-hungry vamps will want her on their side, but it sounds like Klaus will win that battle in the war to claim New Orleans.


Danielle Campbell on Davina

She is a very powerful witch who gets stuck in the power struggle. So it’s going to be very exciting. There’s a lot of surprises with her.

You’re gonna see her character grow a lot.

She’s a witch who has a lot of power, more than is good for her.


Sounds like Davina is a little like the witchy witch Bonnie Bennett. Let’s home Davina doesn’t end up with Bonnie on the other side of the veil!


Danielle further went on to reveal that there’s a dark side to Davina, and her overly protective guardians have tried to protect her “from the outside world.” However, like any young person wanting to spread their wings and get out on their own, she’s drawn to New Orleans like a moth to a flame.


The debut pilot episode for The Originals will be new and different, to give people who aren’t familiar with The Originals family from The Vampire Diaries series a chance to get to know a little bit about them. Since her scenes from the backdoor pilot were cut, we’ll never know whether those scenes will be restored to the new version or whether new scenes will be shot. Perhaps Julie Plec will reveal that secret!


Danielle Campbell isn’t coming to the role of Davina ignorant of the mythos and history of either The Vampire Diaries or the Originals since she’s been an ardent and devoted fan of The Vampire Diaries since day 1! She’s also not new to acting, even though she’s only 18.


Originally from Hinsdale, Illinois, her first acting break came in 2006 at the age of 11 when she guest starred as Gracey Hollander in “Prison Break.” Other rolls include Darla in “The Poker House,” Jessica Olson in “Starstruck,” and Carla in “Drop Dead Diva.” She’s also listed as Hayley in the upcoming series “Ravenswood,” which is a spinoff of “Pretty Little Liars” on the ABC Family network. Currently she has the lead role of Katie Baker in the film “16 South,” which is in pre-production.


Even though Hollywood has really been keeping Danielle busy since she was discovered in a hair salon back in Chicago, she still found time to graduate from high school on Thursday, May 30th, 2013!


Danielle Campbell’s CW Upfronts 2013 interview video



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