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Will Hayley and Elijah become Romantically Involved?

Written by Kayla Falls   // November 6, 2013

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Will Hayley and Elijah become Romantically Involved?


The last few episodes of The Originals have been intense and full of a lot of twists. One of these twists that seem to have Tumblr and twitter going crazy is What’s going on with Elijah and Hayley?! These two did have a pretty hot pool scene in the last episode “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree.


So “Are Hayley and Elijah getting together or what?”  Well according to Miss Julie Plec There is something going on there. Elijah is drawn to a certain type and likes to be the protector.  Elijah has a lot of love and protectiveness for the baby but that caring could turn towards the mommy as well as the baby.


That will be fun to watch but could get pretty complicated, I mean come one she’s having his brothers magical hybrid baby! I’m not sure what the “bro code” is for thousand year old vampires but I don’t think that’s on the “to do” list. Klaus is pretty protective of anything around him, whether he has the right to be or not and I’m thinking his baby and baby momma is off limits.


We know Michael Trevino is now crossing over now so how is that going to effect Hayley’s relationship with The Original family? She’s made quite a home there and they seem to have a good routine going. Is Tyler the wolf that’s been watching her and protecting her? Could there be a little romance for the wolves of the show?Maybe Hayley will join the wolves and try to keep the baby away from papa Klaus? I don’t see that going over well though.


Myself I like the Hayley and Elijah chemistry. I like how she can be herself around him and he just looks like he admires her. More men should look at women like that! I think Elijah would do great with Hayley and the baby but be respectful toward Klaus and whether Klaus knows it or not he needs someone who can be there fore Hayley and the baby emotionally…not just to go kill people if they harm them. Any way it goes it’s going ot be a long and curvy road for the Original family and anyone involved with it and it’s going to be so exciting to watch!


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